thatcheezygent asked: Denim shirt or Denim jacket? And I'm actually looking for khaki chino pants are 484 fit j crew pants any good?

im not really a fan of denim items besides jeans but i would go with a denim shirt. i saw a cool one at jcrew recently. and yes those fit fine. club monaco makes a nice pair too. good luck!

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done with my last college semester

what a stressful past 4 months its been. so relieved! 

emmanuelmusic asked: What tricks do tall men use to not look so lengthy and what tricks do short people use to look more lengthy?

dark neutrals make you look thinner and taller, short hair cuts make you look taller. shorter men should keep their jacket short, which will make their legs look longer, they should also wear pants that sit high on the waist and have short or no cuffs. good luck!