late night thoughts.

when will i find the right girl for me?

  1. beigeslacks answered: Maybe you already have.
  2. shizz-luck answered: When you stop finding the wrong ones
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  4. fuckingthemonotony said: When you’re the right guy for her.
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  6. yo-klaus answered: TedMosby.gif
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  9. universoselegantes answered: when you be the right guy.
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  11. cheeseburgerjaunt answered: When you least expect it.
  12. refgent said: The “keeper”s aren’t necessarily the ones who look perfect on the outside all the time, or at all even.
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  14. thewayucit said: I ask myself the same thing
  15. whatisunexpected answered: There is someone for everyone, we just have to being willing to wait for them, or go out and find them.
  16. dframent answered: when you stop looking for her :)
  17. vitalchief answered: lowkey stop looking and it’ll come. its all timing
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