Thank you Rocky Mountain Shaving Company for gifting me samples of their shaving products.  I received samples of their Homebrew IPA Soap and Homebrew Hefeweissen Soap as well as three aftershaves samples: Havana, Bay Rum and Wiseman. The IPA soap is very subtle with light smokey and citrus overtones and the Hefeweissen soap is a bit more forward, made from organic beer with chunks of orange peel. I like how hand-crafted they look and feel, and the addition of beer offers healing and moisturizing properties to the skin. The aftershaves are distinctly different in aroma. Havana smells sweet and smokey, Bay Rum has a spicy scent with a bit of cinnamon and Wiseman is subtle and smooth with hints of citrus and herbs. I’m looking forward to using them but it will be hard to decide which of these awesome scents is my favorite! It’s important for me to promote products that are made in the USA and the products at Rocky Mountain Shaving Company (including the beer) are handcrafted in the United States. And as an added bonus their website is run solely on wind power. Check out the other beautiful grooming and shaving products on their site. Cheers!

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