Upstate. #momentswithsunday  (at SWALLOW espresso & coffee)

Upstate. #momentswithsunday (at SWALLOW espresso & coffee)

nicdestevens asked: What's a good place to get fair priced pocket squares?
peartos asked: hey the tie guy, im from Australia and its about to hit S/S. Im after a new pair of sunnies - I currently have a pari of Ray Ban Wayfarer but im looking for something a little more unique. Everyone seems to have Ray Bans these days just looking for something new and but classic aswell? love your blog btw. cheers

hello! thanks for the kind words. i really love this pair from garrett leight. if you dont like that pair maybe you’ll find something else you’ll like. good luck!

gocharmandre asked: I'm still in college, so my wardrobe varies from a tee and jeans to a button down and chinos. I go to school in Seattle, do you have any suggestions for a good all-around shoe, or one that's more dressy but not too much so? I like the Clark Desert Boot chukkas, but they're not exactly waterproof.

it might be hard to find something waterproof unless you’re interested in a bean boot. thats not really a shoe though. maybe a wingtip or saddle shoe? good luck!

frdrckvdw asked: I've been looking for a Borsalino hat for several weeks now, but the thing is you don't see many gentlemen wearing them, mostly kids with cheap trilby's. Any suggestions on models that don't make me look like a 30 year old hipster would be much appreciated!

anything cary grant wore is probably pretty safe. maybe try something like this. good luck!

that0xfordlook asked: How do you feel about Bean boots (from L.L. Bean)?

I love them! It’s nice that they’re waterproof. My redwings aren’t. Bean boots are classic east coat fall and winter boots. Highly recommend getting a pair!