gopaulg asked: I'm moving from the Midwest to the Bay Area, what kind of versatile outerwear would you recommend for mild, overcast/rainy days?
gocharmandre asked: What's a good Seattle weather-ready versatile boot equivalent to the Clarks Desert Boot? At a college-friendly price

if $68 dollars is too expensive try here.

it-aintthe-whiskey asked: Hey bud, how would you wear a jean jacket?

this is a good example. good luck!

withthesalt-onmyskin asked: Your post about Bean Boots sparked my question of what are the best pant type and style to wear with them?

slim khakis or corduroy. maybe dark denim too!

rays-of-fire asked: Im looking for an everyday boot for work and play, any recommendations?

LL bean boots.

wellaxewmeprincess asked: Hellu, I was hoping you could help me find an overcoat, or at least push me in the right direction. My only real criteria are brown, slim, and long, so I've got a lot of options, but a somewhat limited budget. I took a risk and bought this; tinyurl com/n8fhdyt but ebay is rather hit-or-miss, and this had a toy store quality. Now, I've considered an Abbyshot Doctor Who coat, but the lapels are a bit wide for my liking, and wearing a replica would feel a bit odd. So do you have any ideas?

something like this would be great! it might be on the expensive side but it will last forever and it goes well with everything! good luck!

the-otherside-ofme221 asked: Hey I'm looking for business casual but no jeans any ideas you can give me?

this is a great example. good luck!