blazer perfection. 

blazer perfection. 

monkey-and-rum asked: hey mate really like your blog, keep it up. Was wondering if you know any good online stores to buy pocket squares from? ive always been a big fan and want to add some new ones to my collection. Cheers!

hey! i appreciate the kind words! thanks! i really like the ones jcrew, club monaco and steven alan sell. good luck!

acetothemax asked: What would you recommend for someone looking for slimmer jeans? I have Levis 511's, but it feels as if it falls too far below the waist.

try a pair of levis 510s. they fit perfectly, they were really inexpensive and i didnt have to get the ends tailored. ive never been happier with a pair of jeans! good luck!

c0ntain-yourself asked: What are your views on turning/rolling up skinny jeans and trousers on taller people to show some ankle? I'm 6'2 and I'm pretty slim with long legs and I'm torn on turning

definitely cuff your jeans. i always cuff mine. its great way to show some ankle or a cool pair of socks you have on. heres a great guide to show you how. good luck!

wardalkhalaf asked: Any tips about rolling the blazer's sleeves ?? Thank you for awesome inspiring work :)

same way you would roll a shirt sleeve. thanks for the kind words! good luck!

thefuturetthatliesahead asked: Hello, I'm a college student looking to change his wardrobe to something more professional and classic. I'm also kind of bottom heavy. What tips/ styles should someone like myself start with?

look for styles you like and then find those items at local thrift stores and department stores like marshalls, sears and kohls. once you have more money maybe invest in a few nicer pieces at a store like zara, uniqlo or jcrew. good luck!