nicholasdandy asked: Any style recommendations for business wear?

depends on the dress code. for a more formal approach wear a two piece suit, for more of a casual setting i would recommend wearing a blazer, dress shirt, jeans and dress shoes. good luck!

senpaiofkawaii asked: Follow up for the symphony, do we go with traditional navy suit or a trendier gray?

definitely navy. never been a fan of gray.

vizual-genius asked: When and when not to wear a vest with your suit?

good question! personally, i think it looks a little dated. id prefer wearing a cardigan instead (something with a shawl for extra style points). however, it depends on what type of look you’re going for. if your tastes cater to more of a british aesthetic i would say go for it. good luck!

salsapantz asked: The question is, break or no break in your jeans?

no break! it looks baggy to me! its all about the cuff!

richpotato asked: Where is a good place to find a good pair of brown leather boots? Love your blog btw
foxnoises asked: Chukka's + shorts = good or bad?


gonzo201 asked: Is it possible the wear a white V neck T shirt with a blazer?