thelasthairbender asked: Where would you recommend buying wool coats and sweaters in smaller sizes, and during what time of year? I'm going to school in a very consistently cold, foggy part of America.

either uniqlo or jcrew factory. try jcrew factory during the summer and maybe try uniqlo now since winter is finally ending. im sure you could find something at either of those two stores. ive found some good coats at thrift stores during the summer. i shop for summer things during the winter and vice versa. that way you can find deals and get things cheaper. good luck!

zeddyblog asked: Hey Tie guy, just wore out my shoes and I'm looking to replace them with something more trendy/durable (my last pair were falling apart on day one! Last time I buy K-Swiss), and semi-professional for everyday wear. Do you have any recommendation on brands, or specific shoes?

Hey! Try a desert boot or a chukka. A wingtip or a monk strap would work well too. Try Clark’s or sperry for a good desert boot or chukka. For a wingtip try florsheim and ASOS for a good monk strap. Good luck!

shreyamsh asked: I'm really impressed by your blog. Could you please suggest me how to dress semi professional . I'm a college student and wanna dress smart.

thanks! i appreciate that. i would suggest looking for styles you like in magazines or online. find those items at local thrift stores and department stores like marshalls or kolhs. when you have a little bit more money to spend i would suggest getting some nicer pieces at stores like zara, uniqlo or jcrew. good luck!